Michael Ladd, ACF
Consulting Forester
In forestry since 1989
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Some helpful or fun internet links:

The Association of Consulting Foresters
This Association was founded in 1948 and advances the professionalism, ethics, and interests of professional foresters whose primary work is consulting to the public.

The Kentucky Forest Industries Association
This Association has helped the forest industry in Kentucky since 1965.

The Kentucky Division of Forestry
This is the state agency responsible for assisting forest landowners with management plans, growing and selling tree seedlings, State Forests, and preventing and suppressing wildfires.

The University of Kentucky Forestry Extension
This includes much helpful information about forestry classes for forest landowners, and has a link to the Kentucky Woodlands Magazine

For the kids, the Smokey Bear site (it's cool!)


To find and read many different versions of the Bible, and some devotional material:
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