Michael Ladd, ACF
Consulting Forester
In forestry since 1989
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Timber Sales:  Getting professional services will ensure that you get the job done right!  You should know exactly what you are selling, offer your timber to many qualified buyers to get the highest bid, and have a contract to ensure that things run smoothly between you and the logger.

Initially, I learn from you about your objectives in land and forest management, what type of timber harvesting method you are interested in, and talk with you about the length of the cutting period, hunting stipulations, and logging operation details.

Next, my field work begins.  I mark the timber sale boundaries with flagging, send certified letters to neighbors asking them to inspect for accuracy, mark, measure, and tally the trees to be cut, send out timber summaries and bid invitations to timber buyers, show interested timber buyers your timber, receive sealed, competitive bids, advise you whether or not the high bid is acceptable, write a contract between you and the timber buyer (this is when you get full payment for your timber, in most cases), and monitor the logging to ensure contract compliance.

Timber Appraisals:  Getting professional services can help with taxes, or when you buy or sell land.  You should know what kind of timber you have, the quality and the amount.  You will be able to make better financial decisions knowing the value of your timber.

This service can be used in establishing a cost basis for long-term tax savings, for presenting professional data to a loan officer when buying land with timber, and when selling land with timber. 

Timber Management PlansGetting professional services can help you achieve your goals.  Knowing your resources will help you meet short and long range objectives.  A written plan includes a description of your property, with recommendations for each area. 

This service can be useful in achieving Forest Certification, in wildlife habitat management, recreation enhancement, soil protection, and of course growing productive, healthy timber.

Other Services:  These include help in a timber trespass appraisal, third-party auditing of cruises, and even help in receiving bids for hunting rights on your property.
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